Are you in for a game of Pac-Man?

Business conditions are changing faster and faster not only for new but also for established businesses. You never know how quickly it is going to grow or how it is going to evolve.  That is why companies are staying away from long-term office space leases, instead opting for something more flexible and short-term.


This change also affects the type of furniture such businesses need. It must be flexible, modular, easy to install and above all it must be suitable for moving whenever and wherever.

Now imagine your business as a Pac-Man game where your office space is the maze and the dots in it are all types of office rubble you find in an office. The maze gets bigger with time, but so do the dots. What you need is a very efficient Pac-Man that will stay with you from the smallest to the largest maze and eat all kinds of office rubble, keeping the maze fresh and clean.


We call our Pac-Man Stackr – a stackable and flexible cupboard system which enables you to stack various cupboard elements of different functions, shapes, sizes and colours, forming unique cupboard sets. You will always be able to add more elements, take them away or just change already used ones at a later time … whatever you and your office space needs.

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