How can workplace design be used to boost innovation, productivity and effectiveness?

Cubicles and private offices – that is what offices in the past looked like, isolating the employees and consequently reducing their productivity and innovativeness.

In response to that all the barriers disappeared and open plan offices were created. This solved two problems: it decreased the costs of furnishing the office and enabled the people to work together. However, it also created a problem – noise.

We are now faced with the question of how to design an office that would keep the open plan but at the same time encourage productivity and effectiveness?  According to research done by Gensler, the answer is quite simple – give the employees the power to choose where and how they work. This means providing them with areas where they can focus, areas where they can do group work, areas where they can relax and areas where they can meet with visitors and guests.

With this in mind, we created STONEHENGE, a revolutionary system of partition panels. With various shapes, colours and sizes of panels and different connection elements, you can essentially create any type of area that you want. Assembly is done in a matter of minutes without any special tools required. You can create everything from individual workstations, meeting areas, relaxation corners, to technology islands and change them later, if needed.


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