Fair and responsible attitude towards business, social and natural environments

We are happy to live and work in such a beautiful and clean country as Slovenia, where we can still experience unspoiled nature in most of its territory. This is why we do everything to keep it that way, since nature is an inspiration for our team as well as our visitors.

Our nature

First, we make sure to be in compliance with all Slovenian and EU environmental legislations. We try to keep the waste at a minimum and so instead of throwing unused wood away, we use it for heating our production plant. For that we use state-of-the-art heating technology, which meets the highest environmental standards and has an efficiency of more than 90%, which means not only lower use of energy but also substantial decrease of harmful emissions. Our modern technology-assisted production is constantly upgraded so that we are able to not only produce furniture of the highest quality but also reduce impact on environment.

Our business partners and colleagues

From the very beginning, one of our priorities has been a fair and responsible attitude towards our clients, our colleagues and partners. Gonzaga has gained a solid reputation in being a trustworthy and reliable partner in your professional growth. We are also aware that our team is our most important asset. We strive to provide positive working environment where our staff is able to fulfill their potential and where effort and success are rewarded.

Our community

Since the beginning of our journey, we have never forgotten about our community. We strive to work with other Slovenian manufacturers, big or small ones, in order to support local economy. Through the years we have formed various mutually beneficial long-term relationships with local manufacturers, which are based on trust and fair cooperation. We also make sure to give back to our community by financially supporting various local institutions, in particular those who need such help the most.

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