Our Mission

Our vision is to become a recognizable manufacturer of office furniture in EU and worldwide by establishing a commercial network around the world with the trademark GONZAGA.

In order to achieve that, we adhere to certain values that we find the most important.

Excellent customer service

Satisfied customers are our primary objective and we always strive to fulfill all of our clients’ demands and requirements. In addition to our standard furniture we manufacture bespoke furniture of the highest quality and thus we are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. This combined with fair and responsible attitudes is why our clients see us as a reliable and trustworthy partner with whom it is worth building a long-standing business relationship.

Innovative and user-friendly design

Gonzaga is a company with a clear view of the future. We offer modern and technically sophisticated furniture, suitable for each individual and so we consider the development of new furniture one of our priorities. The development is based on keen observation of new office and work trends and this is visibly reflected in all our furniture programs.

Technically superior products

When designing and producing our products we always strive for technical superiority. Our furniture programs have the certificate of conformity according to the following standards: EN527-1, EN-527-2 and EN527-3 for desking; CEN/TR 14073-1, EN 14073-2, EN 14073-3 and EN 14074 for storage.

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