Who are we and where do we come from?

Gonzaga is one of the Slovenian leading office furniture manufacturers, exporting our products to EU and other countries worldwide. We have our own development, design and production of high quality office furniture which transforms offices to comfortable, functional and dynamic workplaces. Gonzaga has a long standing tradition based on continuous care for the quality and innovativeness of our products and services. These range from conceptual design and interior planning to production and installation.

Slovenia is the third most forested country in European Union, making it a country with a very rich woodworking tradition. Based on it, in 1947, the carpenters from Cepovan, a small idyllic village on the outskirts of the Trnovo Forest, established a factory for the production of wooden products with a goal to rebuild homes that were destroyed during the war. After that, Furniture company Cepovan was established and in 1986 became one of the first in Slovenia to specialize in producing office furniture.

Gonzaga was established in 1998 with a clear dream of one day becoming a furniture manufacturing company which its customers trust and rely on. We came one step closer to achieving this dream in 2002 when we became a proud owner of the factory in Cepovan and thus becoming the leading producer of office furniture in Slovenia.

Our company has continued to grow and in 2013 Gonzaga Business Centre was built, a building that we now call home.

Today the company boasts a growing number of customers at home and abroad with Gonzaga’s furniture present in most EU countries, Russia, Ukraine, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc. The growing demands of the global market are a welcome challenge for the company, which we are tackling successfully. The proof of that are many satisfied customers and respectable references in Europe and worldwide.

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